Don't get catfished by a coach...Why I should've swiped left

coaching Oct 06, 2020

We've all been there or know someone that's been there...digitally connecting with someone that seems too good to be true, but choosing to believing in what they're offering anyway!

  • 🎣 They say all the right things to attract you and keep you interested. 
  • 🎣 Promise you magic beans for your magic beanstalk.
  • 🎣 And they sell you "the dream"

And only after you're on their hook, do you realize, you've been CATFISHED! πŸ™€ 🐟


I truly believe most coaches want to do good in the world and make a living sharing their gifts and changing lives. 

That being said, catfishing is more common than we may think in the online coaching space. That's because some coaches prioritize fancy pants marketing  over the actual delivery of their offer and promise. 

One of the hardest (and most important) lessons I ever learned was getting catfished by a well known online business coach. To this day, their sales page is one of the greatest things I've ever read. It ticked all the boxes and questions in my head that I had about investing in a business coach...which was great! But the problem was that the person on the sales page DID NOT MATCH the person I got in real life, both in terms of their tone and in terms of their coaching style. The person in real life constantly told me that my ideas "couldn't work" and had a long list of rules that I "could" and "couldn't" do. This resulted in a massive hit to my confidence, and in feeling a lot of resistance between following my dream or listening to someone who was miles ahead of me. I ended up pausing my business for 6 months, paralyzed by insecurity and indecision.

In "Tinder speak", I should've swiped left....

So how do you prevent being catfished by an online coach or marketer? 


❌ DON'T invest thousands purely off of a sales page if you're brand new to the person/brand. First, scope them out on their social. And book a call with them if you can. You wouldn't go exclusive romantically with someone after a few texts. Same goes with investing in a coach. 

❌DON'T fall for gimmicks promising you rainbows, ponies and unicorns overnight

πŸ‘‰For example: "6-figures in 2 months", "20,000 Instagram followers in 10 days", "Meet your soulmate in 1 week"). All of these things may totally be possible-but if someone is promising them without backing it up with some real proof, turn your catfish radar up!

Magic words and magic pills rarely produce magic. That's true in dating and in coaching.

❌DON'T hire a coach that is quick to dismiss your ideas and dreams. Don't hire a coach that doesn't stand with and support YOUR goals. PERIOD. Every great coach should have a system or method they teach to help their clients succeed and that the clients should be willing to follow to get results--but that should NEVER involve diminishing your vision for your life and business because they supposedly "know better". 

Invest in coaches and programs and events that are in alignment with your goals, that give you the strategies and roadmaps and that take the time, effort and expertise to support your vision. 





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