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Hi, I'm Maryam.

A coach, lawyer and educator. I love inspiring and empowering others to go for their dreams, minimize and clear obstacles in the way and produce lasting results. I am dedicated to helping you build a lifestyle and business you love.

When I'm not lawyering, life coaching, teaching or creating, you'll most likely find me at the best brunch spots, drinking tea, exploring the city and geeking out on all things self-awareness and personal development.


Welcome to Zen & Grey.

Your “one stop shop” and community for beginners business and lifestyle mastery. I founded Zen & Grey to help others perform at their highest capacity. How? Through education, coaching and programs. I love partnering with others to facilitate their goals in measurable and lasting ways. What makes me different is my approach to setting you up for success.

The problem is that most people don’t understand the foundational basics of how high performance, mastery and goal success actually work. There is a tendency to categorize success and mastery into  “black or white” “right or wrong” “win or lose” “love or hate” boxes. We get told lies like, “You can only have one niche clientele’’. OR “You must wake up at 5 AM to be a high performer.” OR “Positive thinking is all it takes. If you failed, you weren’t positive enough.” But both entrepreneurship and self-development are unpredictable and don’t always fit so neatly into a box. 

The path to success has a lot of grey areas. There isn’t one magic formula to make all of our dreams come true, just like there isn’t one universal diet that works for everyone.



Your goals and desires are directly linked with your current ability to manage your thoughts, behavior and energy.

The key to success with goals is to operate at your highest performance. 

But how do you actually operate at your highest/peak performance? It all comes down to your energetic profile.

"When it comes to goals, the quickest results, biggest shifts and highest fulfillment are achieved from within the grey.  I live a Zen & Grey life and run a Zen & Grey business. I’m excited to help you do the same."




Whether as a lawyer, coach or educator, my passion is to facilitate outcomes for others. There is so much content and information out there these days, that it can feel overwhelming and sometimes even a little ‘’salesy’’ or gimmicky. Most of us never start. Some of us never finish. But a small percentage of people manage to play full out, turn their ideas into realities and define success on their own terms. What sets these people apart is not their genetics, their IQ, their social status or what time they wake up in the morning. What sets them apart is perspective, self-awareness, clarity, knowledge, habits, stress management and leadership style—characteristics that make up their energetic profile.

Your energetic profile measures how you are showing up in the main areas of your life and career and measures your current potential for success.

With access to the right tools and programs and an accountability partner, anyone can build their dream life and business.


With that said, please understand that Zen & Grey is a “BS-Free Zone”! If you're looking for a ‘'get rich quick’' scheme or a magic pill, I likely won't be your jam. Instant gratification is really just a symptom of impatience. It never wins the end game in sustaining personal and business success. When we work together, we get you clear, confident and competent about your goals through a program that you can implement for life. So if you’re looking to get clarity in your business or personal goals, cut through all the noise and get real results efficiently, then I’m your girl. Let’s get you understanding the role that your energetic profile and current engagement plays in your communication, performance, leadership, goals and relationships and how to use this information to bypass overwhelm and get anything you want. (Yes, seriously!)

2 ways to get started working together to help you. Where would you like more confidence and competence?

Let’s set you up for success by starting up, fine tuning or reimagining your business, side hustle or brand.


Let’s create lasting results with personal goals. Break through blockages & implement success strategies, tailored to you.


If you show up for your dreams, they will become your reality.
Who do you want to be?
What do you want to create?
What's it costing you to feel stuck and unfulfilled?
My mission is to empower you to create a life and business you love.


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