Not ready for biz coaching just yet?
Looking to focus on the internal to finally kick imposter syndrome, self-doubt and negative triggers to the curb?

Managing your energy is everything, and I don't mean that in the "woo woo" way. Each quarter, I accept 3 private clients (application only) for a transformative self-mastery and self-belief 1:1 program where we do a deep dive into eliminating the patterns, pitfalls, "problems" and protection mechanisms preventing you from showing up consistently and authentically as yourself.

How It Works:

I bring a real world practicality to my coaching. I want you to have breakthroughs and experience fulfilling results, but through a framework that you can carry into any situation. I specialize in helping people who are starting out or starting over—if you are a beginner to personal or business mastery, I got you! When we work together, we tailor the coaching to your individual values and desired outcomes. It's always about getting you the clarity and results that you want. I work with you to facilitate that giving you tools and coaching to help you get laser focused to get results. The process is systematic, not random.

I have a series of questions and techniques that I approach every client with that will automatically put you ahead of thousands of others in coaching. I don't sit around and hope and wait for the information to come to me. This technique is uniquely tailored to coach you the way that you need to be coached—the way that will speak your language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is one the most effective ways to skyrocket transformation into your life and business. It's designed to give you more of your 2 most precious resources: time and energy!

Coaching takes you from where you are (functional) to where you want to be (optimal). It removes or drastically reduces the amount of time it takes and overwhelm you experience to achieve your goals on your own. The purpose of coaching is to get you results by getting you committed, clear, confident and competent. That happens is through a system designed to work on both your EXTERNAL GOALS and the CURRENT OBSTACLES getting in the way.

You will learn how to identify and reprogram patterns and beliefs that are limiting your success. Alongside that, you will implement strategies and action steps toward your goals. At the end of our time together, you will have real world measurable results. 

Benefits include:

  • Essential foundations for business and personal mastery
  • Build your brand the smart (and legal way)
  • Breakthrough blocks currently in your way
  • Implement simple action plans and strategies for success
  • More productivity and patience, less overwhelm
  • Communication and Leadership Impact
  • Lasting transformational change
  • Eliminate FOMO (fear of missing out) and FONBE (fear of not being enough)
  • Accountability to do what you say you’re doing to do and get what you say you want!
  • Increased confidence, creativity and energy around your goals and brand

We all have different levels of energy available for any given task. If our energy is low, drained, or a product of stress, that has a direct impact on our performance. Each of us has a unique energetic profile which directly impacts our thoughts, feelings and actions. If we can grow awareness around our present level of engagement in the areas of our lives where we want to achieve goals, we can grow and change our energy around those goals.

One of the tools I use in my coaching is called the Energy Leadership Index (ELI), and I am certified as an ELI coach through one of the top coaching institutes in the world, IPEC. Have you ever taken a personality assessment like Meyers Briggs or MMPI? Well the ELI is similar in the sense that it is a technical and objectively administered assessment. However, it is so much more powerful than any personality test, because it is the only assessment of its kind that measures your current levels of  engagement with regard to relationships, career, life, self-awareness, communication and leadership style and teaches you how to change those levels to achieve your goals. Most personality tests just place you in a box. The ELI can be used to measure your personal growth and performance.

Zen & Grey Your Energy

ELI Assessment + Debrief

The ONLY assessment you will ever need for personal and professional development. The only assessment that doesn't label or limit you to a box. Rather, it teaches you how to use your energetic profile to meet your goals. This is the only solo session I offer, but it packs a big punch. 

WHAT IT IS: It's an assessment called the ELI (Energy Leadership Index) + a debrief of the assessment where you will learn:

✦ How you communicate and what kind of leader you are (including your ability to influence and motivate others)
Your current level of engagement in the top 5 areas of your life: Career, Finances, Health, Communication and Relationships (how you're  showing up in each of these areas)
How your results affect your ability to leverage your strengths
Your E-factor, a determinant that's been proven to show that the higher it is, the more success you will have in your life

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Zen & Grey Your Life

Who You Are:

✦ You are a new, existing or aspiring high performer
✦ You are interested in personal growth and development
✦ You want results ASAP on your personal goals
✦ You desire more energy, productivity and fulfillment in your life
✦ You have goals but struggle with procrastination or perfectionism
✦ You are playing safe and small in your life and are ready to cut the BS, drop the act and get real
✦ You want to understand the role that energy plays in your current routines and relationships and how to raise your energetic profile to perform at your highest capability
✦ You’d like an accountability partner to push you, prioritize your goals and get you real results

I help individuals grow self-awareness around how they are currently showing up in their life and how it aligns with what they actually want. I work with them to become high performers and to produce rapid results with their goals. And I do that through a coaching approach and system uniquely tailored to their energetic profile, values and learning style. The approach gets them Clear, Committed, Competent and Confident by combining actionable steps with breakthrough coaching strategies.

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When you have me on your team

I’m all in. Focused, committed, authentic. Zen & Grey is a BS free zone.

I master something before I share it. You don’t have to take my word for it! → I’ve spent years training my legal and coaching skills before launching Zen & Grey and am confident that the thousands of hours that I’ve invested into mastering these skills will show in my delivery.

I hold you accountable to your mission and goals. I’m results oriented-I won’t just be delivering doses of inspiration→ I’m focused on outcomes. MY win is in YOUR winning.

I share information in a way that speaks to you and your learning style. Whether I teach brand protection law to entrepreneurs or coaching to newbies, I make complicated topics easy to understand.

I find many people new to personal and business development just need a starting place-I want Zen & Grey to be that place for you. Whether you’re starting over or starting out in your life or business, I can help you get momentum and rapid results.


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