Life and Business Coaching: Real Talk

coaching Mar 19, 2019

Many things in the personal and professional growth space are luxuries and tools:

1:1 coaching, masterminds, meditation classes, wellness supplements or adaptogens for making health tonics, acupuncture, etc. We hear so much marketing around what you NEED. “You NEED this herb tonic to be healthy.” “You NEED this seminar to be successful/happy.”

And with coaching, it's especially prevalent. I can't tell you how many times I've heard fellow coaches says, "So and so really needs a coach. He just doesn't get ‘it’." or ''She needs coaching, because she doesn't even realise she's looking for all the answers in the wrong places." And if I'm being honest, I was guilty of this too years ago fresh out of coach training and eager to help the world. I’d meet people that I thought “needed” coaching. The reality is that you probably don't NEED coaching. You won’t die without it. BUT you will massively benefit from it if you have a specific goal, insecurity or challenge you'd like help fulfilling.

So why get coached?
That's the real question.
Why invest in something you arguably don't NEED?

    • Because who you can be with a coach is a way to eliminate the overwhelm and struggle that comes with going it all alone.
    • Because you can finally stop chasing your vision and actually create it

Hiring a coach, is like buying an iPhone:

Think of it this way: you also don't NEED your iPhone. It's a luxury just like coaching is. Yet why do most of us choose a smartphone over a simple flip phone? And why do so many of us choose Apple specifically?

  • Because it makes the life and experiences we are living more EFFICIENT. It's much easier to have your calendar, email, finances, email and texts, social media, documents, camera, photos, flashlight, compass, weather barometer and fitness tracking all in the palm of your hand. Of course we could live without our smartphones. And some people do and are perfectly happy and content.

  • BUT, just like having a smartphone streamline all of the various components of our daily life and admin into the palm of our hands, coaching is a way to streamline and manage your goals, productivity and confidence. You buy a smartphone, because it delivers certain results and experiences that a basic flip phone cannot. Coaching is similar. You partner with a coach because it delivers results and experiences in an efficient and systematic way that many of us cannot achieve on our own-not because we are inept or insufficient humans-but because we may lack sufficient knowledge/skills/drive to do so.

I've never met anyone who signed up for coaching with a good coach and regretted it. People choose Apple because they know the brand will deliver certain user experiences that other brands cannot. With a great coach, you can get similar results in your personal and business life.

Curious to see who you could be with a coach? Schedule a free coaching call to see if coaching is for you.


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